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HearUSA Extra Performance Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13
Extra Advanced Orange size 13 batteries for hearing aids
Yellow tab hearing aid batteries size 13
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HearUSA Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries
This 8 pack of Size 13 HearUSA batteries come in a dial pack dispenser with easy to use brown tabs. The long life cells by HearUSA are mercury free zinc air, 1.45 volt hearing aid batteries that last long and have all the features of the more pricey brands.

Size 13 HearUSA Extra Performance... a powerful choice and a great value
These long-life batteries for hearing aids are state of the art, long lasting batteries featuring the greater air flow capacity that allows continuous, appropriate flow of air throughout the duration of the battery life, just like the more expensive brands. You get the same high quality performance at a lower price.

  • Designed to last long and work more efficiently in hearing aids
  • Has a battery life of approximately 150 hours
  • Easy to use yellow tab makes it easy to remove from dial pack and place battery into hearing aid
  • Dial pack removes easily from packaging for traveling and compact storage
  • Made of recycled or recyclable materials

Looking for the right batteries for your hearing aids?

The battery industry has made it very convenient to identify the correct type of battery to be used for just about any type of hearing aid. By using a coding system on zinc air batteries, the small disk battery that is most commonly used for most hearing aids, manufacturers have provided a uniform system of identification. Products are coded by “size” number and tab color that is specific to various hearing aid types and is displayed on the battery packaging.

Although there are a number of manufacturers and brands to choose from, and the quality of a hearing aid battery such as battery life and battery power may vary slightly, you can easily match the correct battery model to any hearing device by the product packaging.

Hearing aid batteries come in four models or sizes. In order of the actual size of the disk from smallest to largest, the zinc air disc battery models are: 10, 312, 13 and 675. The sizes also have corresponding color coding where Size 10 is yellow, size 312 is brown, and size 13 is orange, and size 675 is blue.

To find out which of these batteries you hearing aid uses, check the user’s manual that you received with your hearing device. Because hearing aids are offered in so many different models and brands, the type of batteries they use also varies. However, the chart below shows the batteries commonly used in the four basic types of hearing aids, Behind the Ear, In the Ear, In the Canal and Completely in the Canal.

Behind the Ear


In the Ear

In the Canal


Completely In Canal


675 Blue

312 Brown

Size 10 Yellow

Size 10 Yellow

13 Orange

13 Orange

312 Brown

Best Value in Orange-tab hearing aid batteries

HearUSA hearing aid batteries for those with hearing deficiencies that use size 13 cells (yellow tab batteries) are specifically designed to meet the higher power and life longevity preferred for both digital and programmable aid, even for the more severely hearing impaired. These batteries have up to 17% greater power just like the more expensive brands.

  • Garanteed battery freshness for four years
  • Best battery power solution for almost every hearing device.
  • Features greater air flow for best hearing aid performance