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Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus
Tinnitus book: Learn everything you need to know about ringing in your ears
Hardcover Guide to Tinnitus
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Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus takes the mystery out of that puzzling ringing sound.

Tinnitus – believed to be incurable by most people – is actually treatable for most people. This book was compiled by top experts on the cutting edge of tinnitus research. If it isn’t in this book, it probably doesn’t exist. In this book:

  • Top world contributors on tinnitus
  • Gain knowledge of the many common causes of tinnitus
  • Understand common reactions and problems faced by other sufferers
  • Learn how tinnitus is likely represented in the brain
  • Discover different ways you can change your reaction to tinnitus
  • Recognize how communication difficulties are related to Tinnitus
  • Read about how tinnitus affects sleep and what you can do about it
  • Find out ways to increase the quality of your life by taking charge
  • Hear what you should expect from your physician and practitioners
  • Unveil the facts about herbs, supplements and alternative medicines
  • Understand your reaction to loud sounds (hyperacusis)
  • Discover how tinnitus fits into your total emotional and spiritual life
  • Uncover sound therapies that work
  • Find out where else help is available
Your Guide to Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears)

Published by The Better Hearing Institute, this thorough reference will be indispensable for anyone suffering from tinnitus. Here you'll find clearly defined and organized information that define and classify the types of tinnitus, treatments--including alterntive treatments--and the things you can do to manage your tinnitus. Plus, the author shares insight on the impact on people's lives who suffer from tinnitus and the new direction the field of tinnitus is taking.