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Comfort Contego with Neckloop
Comfort Audio Comfort Contego
Comfort Contego hearing amplifier
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Comfort Contego hearing amplifier with neckloop

The Comfort Contego with Neckloop provides user-friendly hearing help for a more active lifestyle. For many people with a hearing loss, there are situations in their daily lives where a hearing aid is not enough. This digital assistive listening device provides extra sound amplification that will help a person with a hearing loss join in all situations involving family and friends.Improves communication in many different situations and helps you participate in all conversations.

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent hearing sound quality without time lag
  • Clear display
  • Eavesdrop secure
Long operating time (up to 20 hours) Comfort Audio's Comfort Contego is a wireless, digital, secure high-definition FM sound amplification system for hearing aid users with a t-coil. This version includes a neckloop. Achieve up to approximately 40dB amplification at 1kHz.

Ease of Use
The flexibility of this hearing amplifer allows an unlimited number of additional receivers to be used with one transmitter (additional receivers available separately), making this an ideal hearing amplifier solution for guided tours, classrooms, courtrooms, etc. Both the transmitter and the receiver have built-in microphones that can be set for omnidirectional or directional depending on the environment.

Comfort Contego also amplifies personal sound for the work environment, such as in meetings, groups, seminars or lectures. At home, the system can be used at the dining table, while watching TV or with other sound sources. While out and about (in restaurants, the car, stores, etc.), the system helps reduce background noise to focus on desired sounds. The receiver itself may also be used as a standalone personal listener.

Working range is approximately 100 feet depending on the type of environment you're in. It can achieve up to 16 hours of use (under normal conditions) after four hours of recharging. The Contego uses Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.

  • The easy-to-read LCD menu provides a clear system for settings and adjustments, ensuring quick setup.
  • Modern Design - Comfort Contego features a smart and discreet contemporary appearance
  • The transmitter can be used with multiple receivers to create a secure hearing system.
  • The receiver may be used alone as a personal listener by activating the built-in microphone.
  • Comfort Contego can be linked to a television, sound system or other sound sources.
  • Battery Powered - Comfort Contego uses Li-Ion rechargeable batteries that do not exhibit the memory effect and subsequent shortened life of other rechargeable batteries.
Comfort Contego Digital Assistive Listening Device
This personal sound amplifier works whether you have hearing aids or not.


Volume controller receiver (internal microphones)

By pressing the plus sign you increase the sound on the receiver microphone. By pressing the minus sign you decrease the sound on the receiver microphone.

Directional microphone

With the upper arrow you select the directional microphone.

Omni-directional microphone

With the lower arrow you select the omni-directional microphone.

Volume controller (transmitter)

By pressing the plus sign you increase the volume from the transmitter microphone. By pressing the minus sign you decrease the volume from the transmitter microphone.